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About Tupinambá

We provide intelligent solutions for EV charging.

Tupinambá provides intelligent solutions for electric vehicles and our mission is to recharge the future of mobility in Brazil.

The company was founded in 2019 with the launching of the Tupinambá app, which was born to make the life of EV drivers easier, provinding a map with EV charging stations in the area and offering a high level experience with every charge.

Besides the app, Tupinambá has developed its own software to manage charging points, connecting any charger to an intelligent system that transforms simple hardware into a business. It has also created the first charging station with screens for DOOH media.

Today, Tupinambá offers an integrated solution from start to finish, from the app to the charged car. Our portfolio includes EV chargers, management software, services, app and media, providing the best charging experience to drivers.

Smart charging is and has always been, the main focus of Tupinambá. The pioneer company in creating new ways to make electric mobility an easier choice for Brazilians.

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an electric vehicle.

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