Manage electric charging stations and consumption data in real time

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Tupinambá is the ideal platform for you to manage your charging points and optimize energy consumption with real-time data. Our software is compatible with any charger and it’s easily installed by our team of experts.
Software para Gestão de Ponto de Recarga - Tupinamba

Turn your charging network into a business model.

Get to know your customers

Our management software also works as an engagement tool (CRM) that allows you to understand your users’ profile and get information about their frequency of use and customer behavioral analytics.
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Your network in real time

Manage your EV charging network remotely, keeping track of the communication status and usage summary for each charging point in your network, and receive charging reports and consumption data in real time. And you can count on our team of experts if you ever need any technical support.

A new source of income

With the Tupinambá software, you can control fare settings, manage payments, and receive detailed information about profits, turning your EV charging network into a business.
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Do you want to know more about how to increase your profits with your EV charging stations?
Tupinambá App

Every EV charging point in just one app.

“The 1st Infrastructure App for electric charging in Brazil.”


The Tupinambá App was created to improve the experience of recharging your electric vehicle!
Find available charging stations, reserve your spot ahead of time, start charging your car at the station and make the payment with just a few clicks.
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All solutions for eletric vehicles in just one place

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Smart charging for electric cars

Electric charges for everyone that goes anywhere. Our team will help you find the perfect charger according to the power needed and the electric installation at the location.

Specialized tech support 24/7

We have a team of high-level professionals always available to help you in every step of the way. We take care of planning, installing and servicing your charger so you don’t have to worry about it.
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