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Attract and retain customers with a EV charging network

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Do you want to build a charging network to electrify your business or destination?

Tupinambá will plan and implement your charging network for a monthly subscription fee that will depend on the size of the project.
The subscription includes the best available management software in the market, which allows you to have full control of your network, with usage data, fare settings and much more.
And our service is included, giving you tech support and maintenance 24/7.
Your charging network can be featured on the Tupinambá app, giving it more visibility and improving EV driver traffic through your location.
Let’s electrify your business together with a new EV charging network

All solutions for electric mobility in just one place.

Charger + Software + App + Service

Who we are working with

Development of a EV charging network tailored for Carrefour, with DOOH premium stations and management software to increase profits.
Increased recurrence of EV drivers:
645 charges for 150 clients, an average of more than 4 charges per person.
Development of a EV charging network tailored for the Toriba Hotel, with EV charging stations and management software for hotel guests.
30 new clients with electric cars stayed at the hotel. More than R$ 1.580 in profits, with an avarage fare of R$18,59.
Development of a EV charging network tailored for shopping malls Villa Lobos and Tamboré, with EV charging stations and management software for mall customers.
An avarage of 2 charges per user, which indicates that people came back to the mall to use the charging station. Shopping malls are already generating profits with media and advertising.
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Electric cars are here to stay and your business can become part of this revolution.

*Source: Associação Brasileira do Veículo Elétrico (ABVE). **Source: Projeção ANFAVEA 2022. ***Source: Pesquisa WebMotors

Learn about our business chargers



Carregador para Carro Elétrico - WEG



Carregador para Carro Elétrico - Schneider Wallbox



Carregador para Carro Elétrico - ABB Wallbox



Our management software will turn your charging network into a profitable business:

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Installation and Support

From the technical project to maintenance, we guarantee your charging network will be working in a few days. And you can count on Tupinambá’s specialized technical support 24/7 to fix any issue you might have.
Attract clients and monetize with a personalized EV charging network.